The Importance of Play
    Play has an undeniable influence on every aspect of a child's development, laying the foundation for reading, writing, mathematical reasoning, and creativity.  Play is the work of children.
Through play, children develop
  • physical (gross motor) skills, as a child at play learns to reach, crawl, walk, run, climb, jump, throw, catch, and balance
  • fine motor skills (the use of hands and fingers), as he or she handles playthings
  • mental skills, through play that encourages problem solving and demonstrates cause and effect
  • language skills, which blossom as a child interacts with others and uses words for favorite playthings and activities
  • social skills, which are mastered by learning to follow directions, cooperate, take turns, abide by the rules, and share
  • emotional skills, as children experience pleasure, bond with others, and work through feelings during role play
  • self-esteem, so crucial to one's long term happiness and success, enhanced when children achieve goals through play
  • creativity and imagination; when a child pretends to be a doctor, a teacher, a parent, or a firefighter, he or she learns that life is full of possibilities and opportunities
Perhaps most important of all, play is fun.  Years later, when we recall our childhood, it is the times spent playing with special people that we remember most fondly.
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